Painting your residence or workplace may very well prove to be an investment in something more than just updating the appearance of your property. Paint colors with cool tones, for example, invoke feelings of peace, harmony, and happiness. Some colors, like red and green, help depressed people, as well as individuals with serious stress issues. Whether you wish to find peace in the comfort of your home or reduce the everyday pressure at work, enlisting the services of a commercial and residential painting company, such as Front Line Painting LLC is an investment, worth considering. If you reside in Woodbury, MN, we invite you to browse our website to find out more about our company and services.

Our Methods

Whether you want a high quality residential paint job to your home for updating, or trying to sell, Front Line Painting LLC will supply residents with the preferred paint of customer for the most valuable price.  If you want your place of business to look professional as well bringing a sense to comfort in the work place, we can offer professional, diligent work.  Starting to update your space is a very exciting experience.  And Front Line Painting LLC makes it easy!  Our approach is;

1.  Receive call or e-mail, for an in person quote, where staff member observes and takes notes of space while address any question from customer.

2.  Customer receives quote back within 24 hours of first inspection, and  time of projects start date and end date

3.  If customer agrees on quote and date, Front Line Painting staff begin job, and completes job withing agreed upon dates

4.  Once job is complete, you can sit back and enjoy your freshly new space!



Front Line Painting LLC provides customers with quality services with personable and dedicated employees.  Our employees can provide flexible hours with prompt times to complete tasks, we can also provide the following

  • Our staff have 15+ years of experience in the renovation field

  • Staff can offer expert advice, input creative ideas and updates to a home

  • Offer and complete any job within 2 weeks

  • Flexible hours based on customer needs

  • Prompt response to job site once walkthrough and quote is completed

  • Offer free call-backs to any customers who feel they need extra care to renovation

  • Personable and honest staff members that customers can know and trust

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